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The Journal of Legal Studies in Business, the official publication of the Southeastern Academy of Legal Studies in Business (SEALSB) section of the ALSB, is putting out a Call for Papers to be considered for publication in its upcoming 2014 volume and for its Best Paper Award, which will be made at the 59th annual meeting of SEALSB in Tampa, Florida scheduled for November 7 – 9, 2013. The Journal of Legal Studies in Business (JLSB) publishes high quality, blind/peer reviewed legal research and is indexed in Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and Marketing, as well as in The Index to Legal Periodicals and Books. Currently the JLSB editorial staff is working to have past and future volumes indexed by EbscoHost and Google Scholar. The journal has over 700 institutional and individual subscribers.

The Journal of Legal Studies in Business is looking for quality articles on current trends and developments in the law as it relates to business as well as pedagogical work on instructional design and techniques. The JLSB does not accept previously published manuscripts or those that will be published elsewhere. Manuscripts may be sent simultaneously to other journals on the condition that the author(s) undertake to inform the appropriate editor immediately if the work is to be published elsewhere.

All manuscripts are to be sent electronically only to the current Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie R. Sipe, at If submitting for the Best Paper Award, the subject line in your email should read "SEALSB Best Paper Award." The last day to submit a manuscript for consideration for this award is September 27, 2013. For general submissions, the subject line in your email should read "JLSB manuscript submission."

Volume 17 (2011)

Full text PDF of Volume 17


Journal of Legal Studies Cover

Editor's Corner: Serving Up An Eclectic Mix Of Business Law Articles
by Konrad S. Lee, Editor-In-Chief

Is It Worth The Paper It's Written On?: Examining Small Claims Court Judgment Enforcement In Canada And The United States
by Shelley McGill

Fundamental Rights Of Consumer Liberty: The Unconstitutionality Of Obamacare's Individual Health Insurance Mandate
by Henry Lowenstein

Social Media And Privacy: When Personal Posts Intersect With The Business Of Litigation
by Jeanne Kosieradzki

Toy Gun Manufacturers: A New Target For Negligent Marketing Liability
by Cynthia A. Brown

Passing The Buck in Tenure Decisions: The Increasing Risk Of Judicial Intervention Under The Equal Protection Clause
by Roger W. Reinsch, Matthew K. Titus, and Amy B. Hietapelto

Volume 17 Online Supplement

How the UCC Can Explain the Metaphysics of Real Estate [full text]
by Cris de la Torre and Michael Martin

Past Volumes

Volume 16 (2010)

Full Text


Editor's Corner: Happy to be of Service to the Academy
by Carol M. Bast

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Obama
by Lee B. Burgunder

Securities Fraud And The Tax Loss Deduction: The Rise And (Perhaps) Fall Of The Stockbroker Exclusion
by Brian Elzweig and Valerie Chambers

Academic Freedom: Moving Away From The Faculty-Only Paradigm
by Arthur Gross-Schaefer

Small Business and the Evolution of Family Responsibility Discrimination: Reality vs. Misconceptions
by Catherine G. Jones-Rikkers and Monica E. Allen

The Emerging Use Of Series LLCs For Real Estate Holdings And Ventures: Opportunities And Uncertainties
by Terry W. Knoepfle

Contracting With Foreigners: The Potential Absence Of Mutuality Of Assent
by Darryl M. Halcomb Lewis 123

We Reap What We Sow: The Legal Liability Risks Of Genetically Modified Food
by Debra M. Strauss


Informational Privacy In A Surveillance Society
by Cynthia A. Brown

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Volume 15 (2009)

Table of Contents - Legal Argument - Case Brief


Editor's Corner: Hats Off to the Past Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Legal Studies in Business
by Carol M. Bast

Uncertainty in Financial Reporting, Taxes and Work Product Protection: A Critique of the First Circuit's Innovation in United States v. Textron
by Steven J. Arsenault, and W. R. Koprowski, and Michael Cipriano

Restoring Congressional Intent and Protecting Disabled Workers: The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008
by Debra D. Burke and Malcolm Abel

Legislating Relief for the High Cost of College Textbooks: A Brief Analysis of the Current Law and its Implication for Students, Faculty and the Publishing Industry
by Victor D. López, J.D.

The Crime-Fraud Exception: Criminal Prosecution of a Business May Open the Door to Civil Litigation
by Richard O. Parry

Globalization and National Sovereignty: Controlling the International Food Supply in the Age of Biotechnology
by Debra M. Strauss and Melanie C. Strauss

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Volume 14 (2008)


Editor's Corner: A Look at Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going
by Carol M. Bast

Morality and Money: Contractual Morals Clauses as Fiscal and Reputational Safeguards
by Amanda Harmon Cooley, Marka B. Fleming, and Gwendolyn McFadden-Wade

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming: Cross Border Bankruptcy Before chapter 15 and Beyond, the Strange Case of Yukos Oil
by Roxane DeLaurell

Unequal Justice for All: Inconsistencies in the Definition of a "Small Business Party" Under the Florida Equal Access to Justice Act
by Brian Elzweig and Patrick Creehan

Non-Consumer Individual Chapter 7 Debtors Get a pass: No Rhyme or Reason for the Bankruptcy Abuse prevention and consumer Protection Act of 2005's Disparate Treatment
by Robert J. Landry, III

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Volume 13 (2007)


State Sovereignty and the Americans with Disabilities Act
by Debra D. Burke

The Rise to New Federalism and the Demise of Public Employee Remedies
by Carol J. Miller

Auditor Independence Post Sarbanes-Oxley: The Case for Increased Self-Recognition
by Linda Christiansen and Ann Morales Olazábal

From Law-Breaking Caterpillar to Law-Abiding Butterfly? Can the Department of Justice Force Business to Obey the Law?
by Richard O. Parry and Treena Gillespie

Expanding the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act to Include Employment Leave for Service Members' Families
by Konrad Lee

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Volume 12 (2005-2006)

2005 Articles

The United Nations Convention against Doing Anything Serious about Corruption
by Peter W. Schroth

Roper v. Simmons: Supreme Court Case Provides Great Introduction to Basic Legal Principles
by Jordan M. Blanke

2006 Articles

Copyright and Sharing Property: The Grokster Court Was Putting Square Pegs in Round Holes
by Deborah J. Kemp

Data Security Breach and Third Party Identity Theft: Businesses Face a New Era of Legal Liability in Aftermath of Evolving Consumer
by Jennifer L. Barger Johnson and FraudAubree Helvey

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Volume 11 (2004)


Securities Analysts' Conflicts of Interest: Ethical and Legal Issues and International Regulatory Reactions
by Fred Naffziger and Mark Fox

Peremptory No More: Jus Cogens and Human-Rights Violations by Transnational Corporations Pursuant to the Alien Tort Claims Act
by Lucien J. Dhooge

Whistleblower Retaliation and Document Destruction: Beware the Civil and Criminal Sanctions of Sarbanes-Oxley
by Paul D. Frederickson

The Continuing Assault on Family Limited Partnerships: The Implications of Strangi and Thompson
by Steven J. Arsenault and William R. Koprowski

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Volume 10 (2003)


The Practice of "Salting" and the National Labor Relations Act
by Debra D. Burke and Stephen D. Owens

The Constitutionality of Punitive Damages Awards: Unifying Precedent and Stabilizing the Law
by Alvin Stauber

Business/Legal Strategy in Adopting Mandatory Arbitration Agreements for Workplace Disputes
by Maris Stella (Star) Swift, Catherine Jones-Rikkers, and James Sanford

The Reality of Age Discrimination in the New Millennium: An Empirical Analysis With Legal Consequences
by Patricia Lynch and Ellwood F. Oakley, III

Flexing the Commerce Clause Muscle at the Turn of Two Centuries: An Historical Perspective of Federal Government Control Over Corporate Moral Behavior
by Paul N. Iannone

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Volume 9 (2002)


Using Procedural Justice to Assess Client Evaluation of Legal Institutions: The Case of Middle-class Law
by Todd Starr Palmer

The Legal Implications of Workplace Violence: Negligent References, Negligent Hiring and Negligent Supervision and Retention
by Steven J. Arsenault, Debra Ragin Jessup, Marsha E. Hass, and Jane Hass Philbrick

E-mail in the Workplace: Use at Your Own Risk
by Carol E. Bast

Horseplay or Harassment: A Continuing Problem in Same-Sex Discrimination
by Lynda Hamilton, Harry Wright, and Bobbie Williams

Market Structure And Employee Relations: An Analysis of the Newspaper Industry
by Mary Ellen Benedict and Judith Stilz Ogden

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